Southern Vermont Dairy Goat Association


The Southern Vermont Dairy Goat Association (SVDGA) has a rich history dating back to October 1945 when a group of dairy goat breeders met in Chester, Vermont to organize a goat club in Southern Vermont. At that time, two Vermont goat clubs located in Central Vermont and Northern Vermont were already in existence. Both clubs suffered from lack of interest and inactivity.

Harlan Covey, a member of the Central Club, envisioned a goat club in Southern Vermont which would promote the dairy goat industry. Seeking the help of other goat enthusiasts, Harlan traveled to Marlboro, Vermont in 1944 to meet with Helen Staver. Helen had a herd of Nubian dairy goats and was also interested in the idea of establishing a local club. At that meeting, Harlan and Helen, our cofounders, laid the cornerstone of the SVDGA. Six years later, the SVDGA became incorporated in the State of Vermont as an educational organization dedicated to promoting the dairy goat.

Over the years, goat shows and meetings have been held all over Southern Vermont. In December 1951, the decision was made to purchase a permanent home for the SVDGA. With a most generous gift from Mrs. Margarethe Paxton, the club purchased Knoll House on Route 9 in Marlboro, Vermont. To this day, the SVDGA continues to exist at this location offering educational activities for all goat enthusiasts.

SVDGA Clubhouse